6 places to look at when planning to sell your car

Online shopping is a trend that has become mainstream over the past decade. This is exemplified by the exponential progress of platforms like And why not? Not only is it much more convenient to order products online, but it is also considerably cheaper in many cases. Online shopping has largely streamlined the buyers’ experience. It goes without saying that it has made the process much easier for sellers too. A seller now has numerous alternatives that were not available in the past. There are general online marketplaces and those for specific products, such as automobiles.

If you are currently looking to sell your old car, the first thing you should do is take it to a reliable local vendor and have it evaluated for its price. Once you have an idea of how much it’s worth, it will be easier for you to set a competitive price. Take some pictures of the car’s exterior and interior for your advertisement. Then post your ad on one or more of the several online platforms available. Here is a list of 6 places you could look into to sell your car.

eBay Motors: is one of the largest online auction-based marketplaces in the world. It happens to be many peoples go-to option, whether they want to buy or shop for new or used goods of any category. You name it and eBay has it! It has a specific section, namely ‘eBay Motors,’ that is designated for automobiles and their parts.

eBay Motors has a user-friendly interface, which makes everything from signing up to posting your ad fairly easy. You can choose to sell locally to buyers within a limited radius for free, or pay a fee and sell nationally. eBay is a household name, and since its procedure is tried and tested, you are sure to get responses to your ad. is based in the USA and happens to be one of the largest automotive related websites. Here you have two options to sell. You could either sell to a nearby dealer or put the vehicle up for sale. If you’re looking for a quick sale, you should trade with a local dealer. You’ll get offers from multiple dealers, and you can choose the one you deem best.

Conversely, you can list your car for sale and wait to get contacted by an interested party. This can mean a longer wait. However, your car will probably fetch a better price if you go with this option as consumers tend to pay more than dealers.


Established in 1997, Autotrader is a reputable name in the world of online car marketplaces. It offered a wide range of vehicles, new and used, to its customers.  It also has an easy to use a search engine that lets you find exactly the type of car you need. This is why Autotrader is a go-to option for automobile sellers and purchasers. The only downside is that you cannot post any ads for free on Autotrader. However, the cost of each ad is nominal compared to all the attention your ad will generate.

Facebook Marketplace:

Facebook’s first attempt at a marketplace in 2007 was a failure, and the company shut it down by 2014. In 2016, Facebook came out with a revamped version that has since gained a lot of traction.

Facebook Marketplace lets you post ads through your Facebook account for free. You have the option to view a potential buyer’s profile to determine his /her reliability. The fact that you can easily communicate through a Facebook messenger makes the process efficient and secure. Facebook has over 2.23 billion users worldwide. Indeed, almost everyone uses it regularly. This means any ad you posted on Facebook is likely to get several views.


For residents in the UK, We Buy Cars Today is a great option to consider if you want to sell your car quickly and seamlessly. If you choose this option, you need not take your car to a local dealer to have its value gauged. Just provide some basic information on their site, and We Buy Cars Today will do it for free. It is also worthwhile to mention that this service will purchase any car, regardless of its condition and promises to offer the best possible price. This may be particularly useful to those who need to sell cars that are extremely old and worn out.


Despite all the criticism that Craigslist has received over the years, it is still one of the most visited online shopping centers. While it is not a specified place to sell cars, its massive online traffic makes it an ideal place to post an ad. The benefit of Craigslist is that it allows you to post ads for free and supplement them with as many pictures as you like. Just be careful to make the post as genuine as possible because shoppers are wary of scammers on this website.

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