Can You Guarantee First Page Rank In Search Result?

For many keywords, the competition level is already fierce enough that getting into the first page is quite challenging. Gaining top three positions in the search result will be even more difficult. For any business, having high rank in the search result is often considered as the primary goal. This will ensure that you always get proper amount of traffic. However, SEO providers often have attractive promises. They may guarantee first page placement, for some types of keywords.

Although many SEO providers are reliable and deliver good results, some are quite unethical in their operations. When guaranteeing first page placement, you should make sure that the promise isn’t too good to be true. For some keywords, the only way to gain first page rank is by spending years on comprehensive SEO campaign and it is not cheap. Some companies even spend millions of dollars to achieve that kind of results and if the SEO provider only asks you $500 for the same result, then you could be dealing with a scammer.

Search engine ranking is based on a secretive and very complex formula. It involves dozens, if not hundreds of ranking factors with different degrees of significance. Because it is largely a mystery how search engines determine their ranking system, you can never be able to guarantee it. There are definitely SEO best practice guidelines that you can follow, but this doesn’t guarantee that you will be able to gain the best possible results for your effort. Some unethical SEO consultants even go as far as claiming that they have special relationship with major search engines.

Google’s algorithm is automated and it’s not based on priority or special treatments, except for the official domain name of a brand or a company. Wikipedia gets special status and we consistently see its pages shown on the first page and often on the top. However, no else can get these special treatments and that includes your SEO consultant. You should avoid any kind of falsehood in the SEO industry that can be a bad thing for the long term operations of your company.

It is true that you need to be optimistic, if you want to gain proper results in SEO. However, it doesn’t mean that you can always guarantee everything. The complete plan of action should have clear steps and what kinds of achievements that you can get after completing a set of steps. The plan should have an end goal that needs to be achieved eventually. It means that you can always monitor things that have been achieved by the SEO consultant.

Ensuring that good results have been achieved isn’t enough. You also need to make sure that the position will last permanently. If the method used is somewhat dishonest, it is possible that you will completely lose your position during the upcoming algorithm update. So, you should make sure that the consultants always use the right kind of method that can help you gain many things.

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