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Electronic Assistant: 7 Must-Have Apps For Car Travelers

Smartphone is an incredibly popular device, which in a short time turned from a usual phone into a pocket computer. Thanks to the invention of operating systems for mobile devices, the modern phone has great features and unique functions. With the help of an extensive choice of applications, the smartphone can perform a variety of tasks, which is very important if you decide to have a trip. In this case, your phone can replace several things necessary for journey: for example, a map and a guide.

However, if you travel by car, you need applications for preparing a route or booking hotels. Also, you should know where the nearest gas station is and much more information. But which application services have the best functionality? So, check out 7 extremely useful applications for car travelers…

Taking a Selfie. application is the most convenient service to rent a car of any category and anywhere. It’s very simple to use, and it will allow you to find a perfect vehicle among about 1,000 car rental companies around the world. More than 20, 000 locations at major airports and other city pick up spots in over 190 countries are at your disposal. Filters of the application will allow you to make a choice of a car by the type (compact, economy, full-size, minivan, SUV, luxury car, etc.), car rental agency, the location of the service provider, equipment, as well as the availability of insurance and many other necessary parameters.



Google Maps with My Location (beta)

A map is the major utility of any trip, especially to an unfamiliar terrain. Some people use traditional paper maps, but most travelers have already switched to navigators and built-in solutions from Google and its analogues. However, the usual maps on the smartphone have one drawback – they work only if you have Internet access. Unfortunately, it cannot be found everywhere, which means that you need offline applications, and Maps.Me is considered to be the leading map assistant. You need to download maps of the desired region in advance, and then they will certainly work without the Internet. By the way, when using an application with Internet access, you will be able to leave notes along the route and share coordinates with your friends. In addition, the application is free of charge and differs with stable work.




Early booking of hotels can greatly help to save travel budget. The problem of traveling by car is that we don’t always manage to find the hotel by the time specified in the booking. In case the room was reserved, then the final price can be even higher. However, if you use Roomer application, everything is much simpler. This application helps travelers to sell their prepaid bookings to other people and thus protect themselves from unnecessary expenses. Also, with the help of Roomer you can find a free room that wasn’t for some reason claimed by other Roomer users.



The app is useful at the moment when it’s time to refuel the car. This application helps to detect the nearest gas stations and choose the best price offer. GasBuddy will tell you whether it’s possible to refuel at cheaper price by driving a few extra miles ahead. If all the travel applications listed in this collection are created for Android operating system, then only GasBuddy has compatible versions for WindowsPhone and BlackBerry. The application provides information concerning gas stations throughout the world and is available absolutely for free.


Find My Car

A Rooftop Carpark With A View @ Gold Coast

Do you often forget where you left your car? With the help of Find My Car application you can find your car quickly and without stress. This handy app is specially created for those travelers who know their location, but have no idea where they parked their car. This confusing situation can happen to anyone in an unfamiliar area or on a huge parking lot. So, no worries! Find My Car will direct you right to your vehicle, and you’ll reach it just in a few minutes!



Desert Springs Exit, Interstate 15 Between Mesquite, Nevada and St. George, Utah

iExit app will show what you can find if you turn off at the nearest highway exit. Using the current location data, iExit determines the nearest exit points from the route and provides a list of hotels, culinary establishments, gas stations, campsites and much more. If you prefer to eat in an exclusive café (for example, McDonald’s, Starbucks) or refuel at specific gas stations, simply point it in the preferences section, and iExit will show you where to turn to get to the nearest favorite spot. Thanks to the application, you never miss the right exit.


Field Trip

Samson and the Lion

Field Trip application from Google uses information about places that may be interesting for you, and, according to your location, selects the most useful information. In order not to distract the driver from the road, you can use Bluetooth to connect an audio gadget, which will voice this information aloud. For formulating tips, Field Trip uses such sites as Zagat, Sunset, and Thrillist, as well as Songkick and Flavorpill for listening to local music. The application is available in various languages, including and provides useful information around the world.


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