How To Create and Use Link-Baits Properly?

A proper SEO method is to use quality content to attract interest among the audience and you will be provided with genuine backlink as reward. However, many people do this one step further by using content that is directly designed to attract link, instead of for providing information to the audience. This is known as link baiting. Such a content can also be called as click-baits, because people will be compelled to click your links and if they are fascinated with your content, they will create links to share your content with others. However, some website owners get so caught up in link-baiting methods that they neglect their actual audience. They don’t provide in-depth information in the industry, only those that appear very interesting that these webpages may go viral.

There’s nothing wrong with having occasional link-baits in your website, as long as your primary focus is to provide genuine information that can benefit users. If you do want to have a link-bait, you should do this properly and not in a way that is only intended to generate links. It all starts with title and if you have an excellent title, then it is likely that your link-baiting effort will be successful. Coming up with very attractive title can be a bit tricky, because you want people to click it. When people read the title, they should have an irresistible urge to click and once they read your page, they should also be so interested that they immediately share the link of your website in social media, forums and blogs. It means that you will get dozens or even hundreds of backlinks in a short period of time.

You can gain more benefits from link-baits by adding internal links for recommended webpages in your website. So, when your well-prepared webpage goes viral, people will get a recommendation of relevant webpages in your website. It is better to add this section manually, instead of relying on the automatic page recommendation plugin that is often used in CMS. It means that people will be encouraged to visit other pages in your website and they could end up becoming your loyal audience if they find that your website is interesting. This is an added benefit that you can get from link-baits, so you shouldn’t miss this opportunity. You may also share the joy with other website by offering external link to webpages that fully complement your content. This will make your webpage to appear natural, by having a lot of incoming links and also a few outgoing links.

Another critical thing is that whether you are able to have a content quality that can really encourage people to get fully interested and share your content. If you have the time and resources, you may also improve existing content using the elements that may your link-baits successful. Link-baits can also be used when you want to target new keywords and you need to significantly increase interest for your new topics. Without link-baits, it may take too long for your website to get recognized for specific new keywords.

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