How You Protect Your Digital Footprint

As you go online, doesn’t matter how long and what you do, you will certainly leave a digital footprint. In fact, even though offline activities will leave your digital footprint. Going online means bring your digital footprint to a risky environment where any data including personal identity can be stolen. Online shopping which is the trending activities online, while on one hand, it provides easiness shopping, it also generates some safety and security issues due to credit card usage and data stealing.

Protecting digital footprint requires multiple actions including these following tips:

1. You will need to have different passwords for each online account on any websites or platforms. The same password will enhance risk your account being intercepted.

2. As you’re creating a password, make sure it’s built from the combination of capital, letter, numbers, or symbols and maintain it as long as allowed.

3. It’s possible that you can remember all those password variants and combination. In such case, use a password manager to store your passwords for each website or platform.

4. As you’re using social media, you’ll need to be careful on anything you want to post or share on it. Social media is one of the top places where you possibly leave the most digital footprint.

5. It’s also important to keep your device OS updated including your laptop, smartphones, tablets, or another device especially those which are related to security and safety.

6. You can also install security software on all of your devices and keep it up to date. You need to apply offline security like login passwords or fingerprint authorization in devices you use.

7. As it’s related to internet banking and investing, you need to apply two factors authorization on it. You can only get the access as you get number generated by authorization as you put right username and password in the first place.

8. The use of biometrics like fingerprints, face recognition, eye scans and many others can be utilized for login authorization which is now advance developed.

9. Be careful in clicking or navigate through the embedded links which may be bringing the hacks or viruses along with it. When it says about something important like your banking status, navigate directly to the official website or contact the customer services instead

10. As you go for online shopping, it’s important to never use a debit card, use the credit card instead. It’s due to the fact that credit has best protection instead of debit card.

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